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Recent Posts: IA
World IA Day 2017

I’m compiling this the day after WIAD17. I travelled to the beautiful city of Bristol to the event run by my friends at uber consultancy Nomensa. Here’s a brief run down...

published: 19-02-2017
Advice on getting help with Social Media

So, you’ve got a business, you’re going to get, or have got, a new website and you say ’hmmm, I need help with this social media thing, what do I do?’

published: 19-02-2016
Responsive. Really?

It has struck me that many designers/developers seem to be treating responsive design as the be-all and end-all of design at the moment. The strict adherence to a responsive framework,...

published: 12-10-2015
Small designers need to change

This February, I was lucky enough to attend the World IA event in Bristol, one of 38 cities hosting events on the same day to share information and inspire information architects,...

published: 06-05-2015
A fundamental shift

I recently took part in an hour's discussion on twitter, #uxdiscuss. It's a once a week event, as many of these things are, and it was about talks/events. One of the questions asked...

published: 27-03-2015
The pointless twitter feed

So, you’ve built a new website and it all looks lovely and shiny, you’ve got your picture on it and lots of content and everyone who lands there SHOULD be able to find...

published: 28-02-2012

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