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UX that won't make your brain melt presentation

For those that attended my recent talk on User Eperience design and thinking at Rareloop's 'evening of' in Southampton, here is a small summary and link to the slide deck with resources.

published: 24-11-2016
Advice on getting help with Social Media

So, you’ve got a business, you’re going to get, or have got, a new website and you say ’hmmm, I need help with this social media thing, what do I do?’

published: 19-02-2016
Solving a problem with a parking app

An encounter with a parking app drove me to despair however, the solution that would have prevented this was so simple and so minor that I thought I should write a post on it.

published: 04-01-2016
The pointless twitter feed

So, you’ve built a new website and it all looks lovely and shiny, you’ve got your picture on it and lots of content and everyone who lands there SHOULD be able to find...

published: 28-02-2012

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