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Recent Posts: Usability
First adventures with Philips Hue lights

I recently purchased some Philips Hue lights to compliment my Echo dot as a bit of an experiment to see if home automation was the thing for me. Turns out, it just might be.

published: 29-03-2017
Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Again, the #UXDiscuss chat on Twitter has got me thinking and sparked a lot of discussion. This particular chat: Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI), started an interesting...

published: 07-06-2016
Hamburger & cheese (or dots)

A number of articles caught my eye today, several of which mentioned the HAMBURGER menu.

I can already hear some of you sucking in the air through your teeth and shaking...

published: 02-07-2015
Small designers need to change

This February, I was lucky enough to attend the World IA event in Bristol, one of 38 cities hosting events on the same day to share information and inspire information architects,...

published: 06-05-2015
A fundamental shift

I recently took part in an hour's discussion on twitter, #uxdiscuss. It's a once a week event, as many of these things are, and it was about talks/events. One of the questions asked...

published: 27-03-2015
Bloody tag clouds.

I will now go on to discuss why I CAN’T STAND tag clouds on websites. You know, the jumble of different sized words which you’re expected to click on to find information...

published: 28-02-2012

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