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Portfolio: a selection of my work
Responsive website founded on user research

I recently got to work on an interesting small project to make a difference for a business selling globally.

published: 14-10-2016
Event booking system for a professional group

I was approached to work with a professional group if medical and scientific professionals to help them solve an issue they had with organising events.

published: 30-09-2016
School club booking system

We were initially asked to build a public facing website for a local breakfast & after-school club and to create a private area for parents and staff to view bookings and account...

published: 12-10-2015
Estate Agency Website

We've been looking after this particular client for a number of years and as their business has expanded and their budgets and hunger for technology have grown, I've been lucky enough...

published: 29-09-2015
An internal ordering system

A user centred approach and effective use of available users for testing and iterating helped to make this a successful project. The brief was to create an order system which matched...

published: 20-09-2014
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