About me


I have been building digital products for over 2 decades, and worked across a multitude of industries, sectors, and geographies. I have specifically been practising UX methodologies since 2004 working as a freelancer, contractor, and permanent employee. I hold a degree in European Business and more recently formalised my UX credentials, obtaining a certificate in UX Management: Strategies & Tactics from the Interaction Design Foundation, which I passed with Distinction (100%) (view certificate)

Helping others

I firmly believe in paying it forward, and the enrichment of our industry and have spent many hours mentoring and coaching designers and non-designers, to work in and appreciate the field of UX. I am a founder member of the European UX Leadership Network, which we started to encourage and train the next generation of UX Leaders. We hold several workshops annually for members, and have ties with the Chur University of Applied Sciences, in Switzerland. Last year I ran a workhop introducing UX Strategic thinking for students at the University as part of their Masters in User Experience course, and will be running it again next spring.

Along with other members of the network, I am contributing to a book we have been asked to write. My personal contribution will be a chapter on UX Strategy.

What about the rest?

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time in the Hampshire countryside, walking and biking, enjoy the gym (most days). I have a family and a dog.

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