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About me

So, who am I?

By day, I am (mainly) a designer. A professional designer. I don't do it in my spare time. I am not an amateur. I have been working for my current company for 12 years.I work for (run) Richly Creative. A web design company based in the south of England. You can visit their website here, follow them on twitter here or on facebook here.

Over the past few years I've become increasing interested in usability and then User Experience. Whilst fulfilling a multi-faceted role in my work, I have been applying and testing many of these principals, usually applied in larger, more structured organisations in any way that I can and it's had a real positive effect on my work.

I love doing what I do

Being involved in design and creativity is awesome but, being able to apply scientific approaches to improve the quality and application of the work is a fascinating thing to do. User testing is great and I love the little insights it can yield in to your users behaviour and, ultimately, their experience with your product.

You'll find me spending a LOT of time on Twitter. That's where I mainly hang out online. I find the wealth of information and the interaction with peers amazing and, luckily, have only ever had a positive experience (there's always time though!). I love the fact the it helps me day to day, that people are SO willing to help out and give valuable advice and that I can actually reciprocate that help too.

What about the rest?

Well, outside of all that, I like to keep things a little more personal but, let's just say, I love playing my drums, riding my mountain bike and running in the fabulous countryside around where I live and I have an awesome young family who are all bonkers.

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