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Recent Posts: Technology
First adventures with Philips Hue lights

I recently purchased some Philips Hue lights to compliment my Echo dot as a bit of an experiment to see if home automation was the thing for me. Turns out, it just might be.

published: 29-03-2017
Alexa on the Echo dot, first immpressions

I’m sat here writing this on boxing day 2016. I have to announce that I have a new lady in my life. Her name is Alexa and she comes in the form of the Amazon echo dot. I’ve...

published: 04-01-2017
Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Again, the #UXDiscuss chat on Twitter has got me thinking and sparked a lot of discussion. This particular chat: Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI), started an interesting...

published: 07-06-2016
The inventor vs. the Mac fan

I stumbled across this gem of an article/blog posting a while back. It made me laugh and smile so I thought I'd share it. It's just interesting. No need for analysis or comment,...

published: 08-10-2012

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