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Recent Posts: UX
Why go to conferences?

I went to two conferences last week. At the first one, I was a speaker and the second, a delegate. I imparted some knowledge (and hopefully inspiration) and I absorbed knowledge...

published: 24-04-2018
First adventures with Philips Hue lights

I recently purchased some Philips Hue lights to compliment my Echo dot as a bit of an experiment to see if home automation was the thing for me. Turns out, it just might be.

published: 29-03-2017
World IA Day 2017

I’m compiling this the day after WIAD17. I travelled to the beautiful city of Bristol to the event run by my friends at uber consultancy Nomensa. Here’s a brief run down...

published: 19-02-2017
Alexa on the Echo dot, first immpressions

I’m sat here writing this on boxing day 2016. I have to announce that I have a new lady in my life. Her name is Alexa and she comes in the form of the Amazon echo dot. I’ve...

published: 04-01-2017
UX that won't make your brain melt presentation

For those that attended my recent talk on User Eperience design and thinking at Rareloop's 'evening of' in Southampton, here is a small summary and link to the slide deck with resources.

published: 24-11-2016
UX event at Rareloop

For those that are interested, I'm giving a talk on UX Design at the excellent Rareloop monthly event, "evening of", on the 23rd of November in Southampton.

published: 15-11-2016
Empathy as a skill

Is empathy a skill? If so, can we train it? Are you actually even using empathy to inform design? Here are some thoughts around the topic...

published: 30-09-2016
Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Again, the #UXDiscuss chat on Twitter has got me thinking and sparked a lot of discussion. This particular chat: Interaction With No Graphical User Interface (GUI), started an interesting...

published: 07-06-2016
UX Everywhere and the UX designer. What next?

User Experience (UX) jobs are plentiful at the moment, or so it seems, if the amount of adverts you see are anything to go by. There seem to be hundreds of opportunities nationwide...

published: 22-02-2016
WebDevCon16 write up and slides

Solent University asked me to be one of  speakers at their WebDevCon16 event to give some helpful advice to students and to assist with curricculum development. With things...

published: 18-02-2016
Talking to users for the best results

Researching with real users is always best and if you get the chance, you should always make sure that you factor this is to your design process. It will get you better results and...

published: 08-02-2016
UX Workshop at Solent Uni

I was recently invited to Solent University to talk to the students about User Experience Design and to run a workshop for them during their activities week. This was a great opportunity...

published: 25-01-2016
Solving a problem with a parking app

An encounter with a parking app drove me to despair however, the solution that would have prevented this was so simple and so minor that I thought I should write a post on it.

published: 04-01-2016
Collaborate Bristol 2015

Bristol is such a great hub of design and creation at the moment and any excuse to visit it is a great excuse. The collaborate Bristol conference though, is one of the very best...

published: 11-12-2015
Student takeover evening at Rareloop in Southampton

So, I was kindly invited by the guys at @rareloop to assist at a student takeover evening that took place at the end of November, to be available to answer and advise with any UX...

published: 04-12-2015
Responsive. Really?

It has struck me that many designers/developers seem to be treating responsive design as the be-all and end-all of design at the moment. The strict adherence to a responsive framework,...

published: 12-10-2015
Hamburger & cheese (or dots)

A number of articles caught my eye today, several of which mentioned the HAMBURGER menu.

I can already hear some of you sucking in the air through your teeth and shaking...

published: 02-07-2015
Responsive strategy & design

I recently read an article I'd discovered via Twitter, written by Jared M. Spool (link at the bottom) and it got me thinking about my approach to responsive design and the way the...

published: 02-07-2015
Small designers need to change

This February, I was lucky enough to attend the World IA event in Bristol, one of 38 cities hosting events on the same day to share information and inspire information architects,...

published: 06-05-2015
A fundamental shift

I recently took part in an hour's discussion on twitter, #uxdiscuss. It's a once a week event, as many of these things are, and it was about talks/events. One of the questions asked...

published: 27-03-2015

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